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I love you but I have to leave you (5)

Pigeon’s Place was a seafood spot on the island that prepared the best seafood soup ever, and their steamed, grilled and fried fish were to die for. Jackie also loved Pigeon’s Place for the ample parking the business had. The place was located in the heart of a commercial district in Kingston. From the outside it looked like mere shops on a plaza. But the place had a homey feel to it. Most staff had been there years and knew most customers personally including the occasional visitors to the island that added diversity to the place.

As she inhaled the smoke from her spliff and thanked the heavens one more time for creating Maryjane, she felt a tap on her shoulder and a familiar baritone “beg you a light no please” he said. She turned as she heard him and felt his breath on her shoulder. She was looking dead in his eyes now and for a moment Jackie was lost in what she can only describe like Taurus Riley as the “energy.” DJ Dwayne was standing in front of her with his fine self. He smelled of Tom Ford cologne and looked like lust.

Dwayne: “Wha gwaan Jackie? You still not giving me a chance in your life eeh."

Jackie: "Dwayne you already know my shit is complicated, plus, don’t you have like 9 baby mommas? I am so not trying to be number 10." Jackie replied. “You go on man,” Dwayne retorted, “I’ve only waited 10 years, one of these days I will get lucky!” Jackie smiled, blushed really and heard her mouth say “oh please, nobody wants your stress Dwayne." “Yeah,” he quipped, “The only stress you would have would be from begging me to stop making you cum.” Jackie shook her head no, but her twat was not in tow, she was throbbing and moist, Jackie silently prayed Dwayne would leave before she jumped him.

As he moved closer towards her, he closed the door behind him and held her hand. Oh hell, it was not helping that she was in the restaurant's private dining area. “Jackie the thing serious yo, I need you.” He was being so sincere, but she just did not know if she could trust him/herself. She wanted him bad. “Dwayne I’m involved plus you’re crazy." She was remembering how she had watched him use the music and curse out a young female patron whom it was alleged he used to date. One thing was understood in the dancehall, DJs were never to be trusted with secrets, they couldn’t help their mouths in front of a mic, she hoped Dwayne was different, for he just might get lucky. 12 years was enough, plus her co-worker Shenel had just fell to the floor dead from a stroke. Shit, she at least was going to flirt; after all you only live once, she was rationalizing.

Dwayne and Jackie had history yes, but Tony would lose his mind and Ice would probably have her killed. Shit was complicated, Tony loved her but, he had a woman even though most peeps didn’t know that cause his girl wasn’t allowed in the streets with him like Jackie was. This was typical of Jamaican men; their ‘wifey’ chick was the ‘good’ one, she stays home and is respected while her man roams the streets with his ‘bad’ girl aka his side chick. Personally, she preferred being bad, she was not staying home while any man invaded the streets.

Dwayne read her mind and pulled her closer, smothering her large tatas, and squeezing his bulging, throbbing manhood against her thighs and crotch. This felt good, really good.

Unbeknownst to Dwayne, Jackie had a hamster clitoris ring installation and his playful friction was creating mayhem in her loins, she felt like she was going to explode. “Easy, easy, Baby!” He was whispering in her ear and the feel of his warm breath sent chills thru her. “You want me as much as I want you and you been holding out like this?” “Damn!” “Woman good eeh” He started kissing her now more rugged, thrusting his tongue in and out her mouth. His tongue was warm and darting and smoothing hers, she was feeling weak, the heat coursing thru her veins was making her high and he was sliding his fingers on her clit ring. Barely, barely touching, feathering, she moaned and her nails dug deeper into his neck, she sucked on his lips now, they were soft and tasted of cigarette. Her hooha was as hot as an iron and sucking onto his finger like a suction cup. Dwayne’s bulge was going to bust. “Jaaah Know yo, you’re gonna make blue balls kill me” he said.

She was whining on his finger now and he laid her onto the office desk, this was going to happen today she kept thinking, as she felt the spongy, thick, moist head of his glans. Having removed his finger he was stroking her clit with his manhood and she squirmed, moaned, shrieked and started to convulse. Her twat was grabbing and he had not even penetrated her, she knew she needed this. Dwayne was panting and kissing her all over now, he was truly a lover, he nibbled and sucked on her ear, neck, face, lips and begged her to kiss his nipples. As she laid her tongue on his tiny nipple part, he jerked and moaned “daaamn, this is so good baby” he had wanted Jackie for so long. This was how Buju Banton must’ve felt when he wrote the song “Gal mi serious, mi haffi get you tonight” Dwayne thought. Jackie was in no position to resist as her body was giving her away. “Baby you want me badly, why you always holding back? Jackie couldn’t answer, she knew he was right. She tried to tell him, but Dwayne had thrusted his tongue into her mouth and shoved her against the Italian marble polished wall. He held her from behind and thrusted into her, Jackie screamed in exquisite pleasure, she could feel her juices trickling down her legs, while Dwayne was making, slow, slow circles with his waist as he wined round and round, and Jackie knew this was one for the books.

The man definitely knew his thing, he lifted her now and started to walk around the room with her face to his face, her legs entwined around his waist, his dark, smooth chocolate skin adding an extra fire to her soul. He never stopped penetrating her. Jackie was in her element now, she was gyrating, oscillating, and riding up and down on his ample shaft. As his veins bulged along his manhood, she could feel him pulsate within her inner walls. Jackie started to wine up on him and she knew his eyes were begging her to stop. As she rubbed her clit and moved, he placed her prone now, bent over the table and thrusted one-hmmm, two-hmmm, three-four hard, long strokes, she felt the familiar squeeze and throb of her twat, it was hot like a furnace and juicy.

DJ Dwayne was feeling it too “come for me baby, “come for me,” he kept whispering, repeating, mumbling "Hsssst, mi want you, yah go mad mi!" Jackie had already come twice but now she was sure of it, she needed it, she was going to squirt. “Ahhhhhh, oh Gawd” they both shuddered as she climaxed with her juices squirting all over him. Dwayne was proud of himself, he had wanted her bad from the first time his eyes had seen her. They had waited so long that, their biological selves had taken over,

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