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I love you but I have to leave you (4)

Up in VIP, there was a smoker’s lounge with huge mirrors along the walls, that made the place look larger than it really was.

The floors were lit in different areas from the TVs that were embedded under the glass flooring. I loved my bar; the sleek black patent base supported the shiny black granite counter tops. Secretly it reminded me of Liguanea’s club Mirage of the 90’s. There were a few pool tables over to one side of the room, the poker tables on the alternate side and race horsing and other sports flooded two of the TVs while the others showed soft porn. The music in VIP was usually more chill and there the musical experience was provided by none other than DJ Dwayne, a legend in his own right. He was loved by few, hated by many but musically respected by all. Oh, and did I mention he was my partner in this business? He provided music and in exchange for certain contacts I had with radio disc jockeys. This business relationship was a strain sometimes as he consistently let me know how much he wanted me. I thought he was cute but everyone knew DJs couldn’t keep a secret and I certainly didn’t need the stress. Even though he did cause my twat to somersault from time to time. But he certainly could never know that.

As I settled myself in one of the cozy bucket seats by the bar counter, I waited on the bartender to come over. Tonight it was Cedric James my favorite staff member. He strolled over with his French, dark chocolate self, “You having your regular tonight Boss?”

“Nah, make me something special,” I answered. “Just make something you know I’d like.” “No problem mi Don,” he chuckled, “you looking splendid as usual” His French stained English made him quite fun to chat with. Cedric was thinking how much he would love to give his Boss a “good piece of daggering” as the Bus Boy Neeko called it. But he instead served her a cold, well shaken “Cosmopolitan” it was the same drink Sarah Jessica Parker loved from Sex and the City. “Thank you Ceddy, you such a darling” Jackie answered and sipped the drink. Jackie was aware she was flirting a little bit but, she also never cheated on her men, so it was no big deal.

Tony was great to be around and a music producer so she particularly enjoyed the buzz in his world. Celebrities were always around and everyone regarded her as such. This was a change, Ice believed in discretion. He was very popular and very rich, but she was secluded, no friends could visit their home and only her parents from her family. “Ey, Pssst, Sexy, what are you thinking so deeply about” she looked up and it was sexy ass Tony. “Damn, where were you my girl? Seems your mind was very far.” Just in my head thinking bout you and how you bring me back to happy” Jackie was German but her grandma and both parents were Jamaican so her English was butchered well if she wanted it to be. Tony pulled her closer and thought to himself, “how could a man lose such a precious gem?” He would never get it. Ice must be really rich and powerful and dumb, he didn’t care, one man’s trash was definitely a next man’s treasure he was sure. Jackie barely spoke about Ice and he learned to leave it alone. If she liked it whatever it was, then he loved it, end of story.

As they joked and chat, the vibe of the bar got louder, they both looked around and noticed that the crowd moved a little. Even the poker players looked a tad startled, she was hoping it wasn’t the damn police. Bodies started moving towards them and she could hear DJ Dwayne screaming “mayday, mayday” she wasn’t sure if that was a part of his act or, an attempt at crowd control. Jackie couldn’t believe this, a few seconds ago she was having her damn drink and now this. Her thoughts were discarded as Tony lunged at her, simultaneously dragging her up close and over the bar counter with him. As they landed with a thud, their asses hitting the thick, black rubber mats. “Tony a what, what’s going on?” she uttered. Something crazy was going on and she couldn’t see. It sounded like cursing, wait, she could hear better now. It was girls’ fighting. On her way off the bike, some girls had given her some hard stares, but she was used to that and thought they were just haters who wanted Tony. She was oh so wrong.

One girl had an ice pick, the other had a bottle. I had already pressed the panic button and was going to call them again soon if they didn’t show. The girl in the green top and boyfriend jeans with her pointy nipples was charging towards the other girl in the all denim batty rider outfit. She looked fierce and took a stance with what appeared to be a Hennessy bottle. Oh shit! This was going to be a mess. Where the hell was “Fuckouts” my head of security? Everyone damn well knew I could not call the police, we had illegal gambling, illegal smoking and we were partying and selling liquor without a permit. I didn’t dare add po-po stress to this.

The girls were in front of each other, now and just as she was deciding if she should scream out something she heard the big batty girl in the denim say “Ice was my man first Bitch.” “nah Bitch we been kicking it since college” the other girl retorted. She sounded hella Brooklyn to Jackie while ‘Pointy Nipples’ sounded like she could be a Junglis; that was code for Trench Town.

She was crouching with her jaw dropped watching the ice pick chip away at her breasts and the bottle now smashed against ice pick girl’s head, blood was everywhere. Some men were trying to pry them apart but these girls were relentless and rolled on the floor, biting and punching and stabbing at each other. It would take Fuckout firing two shots in the air before the girls stopped and the crowd chilled out. There was a long slash along the jaw and arm of Stephanie the chick with the ice pick, the bottle had made long gashes and marks. Blood was all over the shirt of the other girl, her titties must look perforated like a strainer I thought. Shaking my damn head, I couldn’t believe Ice and his crazy ass, I knew this either meant that was a message for me or, these heffers did not know I was his wife and former head huncho.

I had found myself over the counter and was helping to subdue both idiots. “Oh my God” I sighed and hissed my teeth. I couldn’t take it one minute more, so I had busted away from Tony and jumped the counter. I grabbed Bigga my biggest bouncer and screamed “hold her” while I grabbed one girl and gave her a solid box across her face, startling her. I was a first-class black belt but had not shared the fact with many. I despised women who fought over men, and was more pissed at myself for ever being with Ice. The money was great, but it had made him cruel. I really wanted to beat him and these girls up but I could not, the fight was going to be enough liability. By the time they were rushed to the hospital via taxi, the party and crowd obviously over, I was ready to go myself.

I didn’t want to think about Ice. Years ago Ice had brought that same girl Stephanie to our then Munich apartment, a little after I had, had our son. I was asleep and would never have found out if Stephanie had not given his sister a Lauryn Hill poster. The damn bastard, thoughts of him irked, I mean, who brings their side chick to see the newborn their wife just gave birth to?

It had been two years since she had seen him. She had left to the US and then off to her parents’ birthplace Jamaica, here she had settled, started small businesses and put the children in private school. Ice still sponsored her life, even when she refused, he found ways to systematically get money and protection to her. That was his way of letting her know she could never really get away. She had run away and let Ice know she was done but he never fully agreed. Tony didn’t know this, and Jackie didn’t know how to tell him. She loved Tony and she did not want to move again. Ice had put her through enough and she knew she would have to stand up to him one day. For now, she was saving from her business and counting her blessings. One man adored her, and one man needed to own her. She figured, life must be simpler for women who don’t deal with men. She was sure her life would be easier if she had been a nun; she chuckled at the thought.

The last time she had seen Ice, she had just gotten to Jamaica. Late one night he showed up at her mom’s and invited her and the kids to Nassau Bahamas, the following day. He had earned his commercial pilot rating a few years back and Nassau was one of his favorite destinations to fly her to. She agreed knowing it would be less hassle if she just went. On the trip Ice had explained how one night after working late and drinking a few, he had slept with Charmaine her close friend from church. Charmaine was the one who had been there for her when Ice got the first girl pregnant, she could not believe the nerve of the two of them. That day her affinity for Scotch was born, she had sat there and almost downed an entire bottle of Macalan 18. She would later run away from the Bahamas, even left the kids with him and the Nanny. It was then that she had decided she may as well go to Jamaica.

Tony apparently had glimpsed her one night as she partied. He later told her he had watched her dance and just knew that bright happy smile had to be her. They had been close platonic friends in high school and she had even dated Tony’s friend Morrison briefly. When she ran into Tony, she was single and focused on building a life for her and the kids. She wanted out from Ice and was plotting hard. Tony represented peace and love. He was a speed freak and would blow pass all the cars on Hope Road in his Porsche Panamera on Sundays. Or, when they rode out on his motorcycle to Beachline the weekly Hellshire beach party.

Fuckouts had volunteered to drive behind Jackie up the hill to her place after the fight. She had built herself a four-townhouse development on the hills of St Andrew. Two of the units had been sold already, one rented and she lived inside of the other. As they neared the remote entry front gate, parked and went inside Fuckouts made a u-turn and started to roll the car down the hill. Somehow, he felt strange, that fight with them girls was pretty random, was Ice around? Why would they fight at Jackie’s bar? Fuckouts had no answer for his own questions. He knew he would have to think about it some more.

As Jackie entered the foyer, she grabbed the remote and opened the ceiling up to the sky. The faux pebble stone flooring hard and cold as she kicked off her Bridgette sandals. She ran to the shower and doused herself, the kids were asleep, the helper was with them and she was finally going to light a joint and think about the night she just had. She came out the bathroom wrapped in her terry robe, sprayed some dolce light blue and grabbed her pen. As she clicked, clicked the pen to get it lit, her lips locked on to the cartridge tip and she closed her eyes and pulled ever so slowly, the steam rising thru her palate into her nasal passages and lungs. She loved Jamaica for the earthy, invigorating feeling she got from their cartridges and herbs. Lambs Bread was an old favorite among others. She lay there, happy that she was away from Ice and his ego and was happy to captain her ship, not fight over him like those poor women earlier.

She felt the bite of sleep crawling through her skin and arresting her eyes, Jackie lay back, thinking what a fucking night? She had lied to Fuckouts when he asked her for Tony. Tony had not resurfaced from behind the bar counter and when she jumped back there to find him, he was bleeding from a stab wound. Somehow, she had managed to have him carried out the bar to Doc McD without many noticing but, she was realizing she could trust no one. They tried to make it look like a robbery, but she was no fool, it could’ve been Ice’s doing as well as it could be any of Tony’s adversaries.

Nobody had ever tried to rob her, even the extortionist young dudes respected her, she paid for hers. Maybe the stupid girls' fighting was meant to distract them, or, was it what saved them? Tony was a recovering hot boy and had a rap sheet long like Hagley Park road. Jackie often wondered how her Catholic school going, upper class raised, gifted, pretty ass acquired these men. She was hounded by many a professional, but somehow she had an affinity for excitement; and anyway, Tony was raised like her, he was just a sexy rebel…..TO BE Continued

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