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Take time to know him/her

“I said YES, I really said yes”, that was her morning post to facebook, oh my God, she was blinking away tears of joy! Mona was thinking to herself as she looked at her brand new fb post and brand new diamond ring. This was truly the best birthday ever. After four or so failed relationships she had accepted that marriage, being a bride, a doting wife were probably not going to be any of her titles. At least that’s what she used to think until she met Marlo Jones.

Marlo was tall, dark and really good looking, not drop dead Boris Kudjoe good looking but a cross between her cousin Omar, Idris Alba and Morris Chestnut, he was plain old sexy. No he was fucking hottt and he made her 51 year old twat drip, ache and tumble every time she saw him. Marlo worked construction and literally worshipped Mona. Mona couldn’t believe her luck they had met at a neighborhood lobster spot in Detroit and had totally hit it off.

He was half German half French which made his crazy accent so adorable, she secretly thought he sounded gay though she would never tell him. Both his parents were professors and had migrated to the US to teach. He came with them and was the recipient of an academic scholarship but grew bored of the US education system and dropped out.

After their run in at the Lobster spot, later that night they had ran into each other at Jooky’s a nudie bar well supported by the upper class. They left Jooky’s together and had tumultuous, arduous sex. He had bent her over his car hood and made her scream out to the Gods in every language she knew. In return she had rode him with more passion than even Pegasus could muster. Flipping her over, he was slapping her ass now and leaning his head back while pummeling her with his phallic expertise. They had both been around the block and had tricks of their own and Mona knew this shit was real deep, too deep, she could not resist. The Gods were blessing her with love and harmony from a wonderful man; she was going to enjoy it.

This September marked the 10 month mark into their journey since that night. They were inseparable and everything was in alignment. They’d finish each other’s sentences, read together, sleep together, ate, bathed and even worked out together. She decided to say yes and she was happy.

It was probably the best birthday ever, he had proposed on a flight to Orlando after they had planned a mini staycay. The whole flight had gotten teary eyed when he took a knee mid-flight, she was in awe, shocked, she couldn’t believe her luck. The man was on his knee, professing his love, asking her to marry him, he had even saved and bought a ring to go with it. She screamed “yes yes” from the top of her lungs, he was handsome, had good credit and had her bucking like the rodeo every night, why not say yes?

RRRRRRing ring the phone was pulling her out of her one millionth time reliving the moment Marlo had proposed. She hadn’t been this happy in years, everything the self-help books said was true, never settle and never give up if you’re looking for true love. Personally she was good being single, she had gotten used to it but now she was ready to take the plunge, she had never been married. By the time she had grabbed the phone the caller had hung up but luckily there was a voice message. She was dialing on her new Samsung s8 Marlo had given her after a date one night, she smiled as she listened to the vm, Marlo was such a sweetheart she kept smiling.

There was a message from a strangely proper woman, she left a message sending a congratulatory text, lauding them on their engagement. Oh wow, who was this she thought and how awesome of her to call. Little did Mona know that this woman would turn out to be the bearer of unbelievable news much like the Angel Gabriel who announced news of the Messiah’s birth. This woman’s message and subsequent call was going to potentially change lives at least hers.

“Hello” Mona said as she nervously answered, she was thinking must be one of his aunts.

Woman Caller: Yes hi Mona congrats on the engagement.

Mona: Hi hello, who is this, patience was not her forte and she had a weird feeling as the woman spoke, she just couldn’t wait.

Caller: "Let me just cut to the chase my dear, your fiancée Marlo is also my husband. I hate to be the one to break this to you but I thought you should know."

Mona: “What what the hell?

She knew she was going to be ill.

Caller: "Yes are you ok? So sorry dear, fret not thyself, I don’t want him but he still wants me. We still share a home and when my friends informed me of his new fiancée I figured I’d let you know."

Mona’s eyes widened, her breath accelerated, her head spinning, heart pounding on horse power, even her mouth was dry she gasped.

Mona: “What do you mean Marlo is your husband? OMG, she hated this feeling, she felt stupid. That’s that’s incredulous, is that really true? THESE…. FU-CKING…. MEN, she yelled. Ahhh boy” Mona shook her head, she felt too old, this woman had to be lying she had just been so high off life and now this call was ruining everything.

Why would he lie? Why would he do this? She was sure she was going to faint. She had told him everything about her past. She had shared everything how she had gotten assaulted in college that time, she even told him how she’d fucked her aunt’s BF that time. She was 21 and desperately needed a car, the man didn’t even like her aunt any way. She had got a car, he had gotten some young coochie and nobody knew. She could not believe this, she was never going to trust again.

Seagrams 7 and 7 was necessary, how was she going to even calm her nerves down? The hennessy was first in sight it would have to suffice. She poured the drink, still gripping the phone. Jackee she said her name was, the caller, the wife, the ….omg this was hurtful and mean even for her this was cold and she could be a beast.

The funny thing was she normally googled every man she dated but this asshole had been different. After all her counseling sessions and hypnosis this man was messing her up. She could strangle him, at least pinch him a few times, get a belt and beat him even. She shook her head, she knew she was angry and hurting. Her sister Chriselle was right, google everybody even the priests after all. She ran to her tablet, scolding herself for not being smarter, she was going to check him out, spend her money to search him if she had to.

Ohhhh he had it coming! She was dying for the damn page to load. Nervously but hurriedly she typed his name M-A-R-L-O J-O-N-E-S. Anxiety was going to kill her, she gulped the cognac. It was normal room temperature to her palms but hot and running through her veins and every crevice of her chest. This warmth was needed to drown out the anger….”that fucker” she seethed.

Why did he lie though? She thought why did any partner lie anyway? She had real relationships before and even had an adult child but she was not prepared, this hurt bad. As the hits started to come up she could not possibly believe what she was seeing. She was going to burst a damn coronary.

The search engine showed his age, his address, and his convictions. The man had just been released from prison when she met him, he had been out only one year when she met him. He had two children with his wife and five outside. Wow! He was something else, a felon who flew her to lunch, that was a first. She held her head, the plot was continuously thickening, damn I mean how did he hide this from her? She held her hands to her tear stained face. She had given up her vices earlier but this was hard, she knew she needed a hit. She had said yes to a man she obviously did not know he even had children he had never mentioned.

No idiot to relationships, she knew it was possible she was confusing good D for love but then the man was perfect yo, hard to resist, plus who didn’t love to be loved? shiiit.

Damn she may even have dodged a bullet, the woman on the phone didn’t lie, secretly she was thanking her. Mona knew she shouldn’t be alone, she had posted her ring and put #futuremrsjones as her caption. She definitely couldn’t become future if there was still a current Mrs Jones…oh boy this was disgusting and exhausting all at the same time. She was going to hurl….


If you were Mona what would you do? Let me know in the comments below:

  1. Confront him

  2. Run like Bolt and get the hell out of the relationship

  3. Punch him in the throat and change your number

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