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New sex trends are here

Post three kids and a lifetime of good, Madison was tired of the same old same old sex. She thought her life was great and that she was still in love with Barry, yet secretly she played with herself. Was this normal she queried, her mind didn’t know what to say.

She decided she would talk to Barry, Barry was her spouse and lover and friend and everything else. After all, they had been together almost a lifetime. Barry ran a successful business and Madison was a budding Radiologist.

They both discussed Madison’s feelings and decided they needed to spice things up. Madison’s friend had recently visited from Aruba and she had shared what an awesome time her hubby and herself had had engaging in quarterly ménage a trois. At the time Madison and Barry were crazy about each other but truth be told admittedly they were both curious.

They concurred they would share in the debauchery but only if the two of them were present. It was the night of the main event or so they referred to it in front of company. They were to share a night of adult bliss and no one would bring it up again, ever! Madison wasn’t sure she had the nerve to do it in front of anyone else but she was 45 years old, why the hell not, she thought to herself.

Madison and Barry decided a Swingers night club may be the best way to execute their plan. That way they would definitely never see the participants again. It was a Saturday, they had met up with a younger couple and were exchanging cocktails getting to know each other better.

As soon as they started getting more intimate Madison noticed Barry was extremely happy, ecstatic even. DYYAAAMN, she thought who would’ve thought boring, stamp collecting, art loving Barry of all people would really indulge in this madness. Here she Madison was thinking she was about to have the night of her life but Barry seemed like he topped her happy. She started kissing and chatting up with the other guy and sure enough as God was her witness, the other girl Carrie was straddling Barry. Madison was hot but the room was steamy now, she felt like she might faint. She felt paralyzed, her new partner was smiling as he got closer but Madison was traumatized, she knew she was going to be ill. Not only was the other girl straddling Barry she was penetrating him, stroking, harder, harder and Barry’s eyes were rolling over, he clearly was gone in the midst of bliss, oh Lord, Barry was squealing like a suckling pig.

Heterosexual, male anal penetration, what the hell, was this a new trend?

Increased numbers of women are reporting that their men are requesting to be penetrated with strap-on sex toys. Males are considerably effeminate today or it appears so, doesn’t it? The evidence supporting this statement is confirmed by my observations of popular culture over the past few years. In the 80’s Rick James, Boy George, Michael Jackson, and Prince were by and large ‘the pushers of the envelope” when it came to effeminate wardrobes and tendencies. But that was back in those days.

Today with the onslaught of hip-hop, almost gay, low-cleavage wearing male on male tongue kiss in the mouth rappers, is Barry really in the minority or, are men like Barry in the majority? See, after that eventful night Madison called a heart to heart with her friends to have a sit down. She wasn’t sure she hated Barry but she had so many questions, weird thoughts. How come she never knew? How come she was just now finding out that he liked anal penetration? Did he do this all the time with other women?

Her friends shocked her with their varied takes on the topic, most of them at some time or another had familiarity with these requests. One friend shared how her husband enjoyed her stroking him but he only did it with her, he had even threatened to hurt her if she divulged. Wow! Another friend shared how she thought it was cute and a great gesture of love and respect for equality between her and her other half, she shared she actually loved doing it. Like Madison, her other two friends shared how they found out only during sordid nights of promiscuity. Madison had never even owned a sex toy let alone a dildo, she just could not believe Barry was so familiar with them. She was more confused now, she thought she was going to drop a bomb on her friends and here it is they knew men who did it too. Madison wondered if this was a new trend.

On To You

So do you have any male friends who enjoy certain acts? Could this be a growing trend among heterosexual men? Are you still heterosexual if your girl hammers you? Questions, questions, questions….

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