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When lovers faily you early, believe them!

Not sure why but I started to think and when I look back it all started with ‘a glass of milk.’

See we lived together since I was 19, you going on 21.

Met you in Med school, but you decided midway, you were to be a DON!

Donship bothered me none then, three brothers and all however, today I feel different

Smdh wisdom always comes after every fall (like Babylon).

Pregnant and cheated on, how dare me reprimand you.

You threw your milk in my face, dashed it actually, quite emphatic.

….Say WHAT now? WTh. Me the once vibrant girl, a most confident Miss was reduced to a shred for my just one hiss.


So you love me as long as I understand myself with you. Translated understand myself meant

Worship my man, adore, revere; rather than share a life and grow and bare.

But I, the top of my class ignored it, just a fkn glass of milk isn’t it….hmmm---------or was it?

For where does common sense go in the midst of bliss? and why sometimes isn’t sense found most common.

I later found love, a real fucking amour.

Love so real, you who threw milk on me can’t help but try to bore.

Three outside youth, still no hate, thru prison I stayed, appreciate.

But No, you find energy to abhor.

Bed ALL my friends if you must,

Member cousin even dilated her loin and groin for you.

Best believe me when I say any from them groups of fakes will do.

See I’m not mad, I’m very thankful for all of you.

See the milk led me to peace smothered with love and understanding too.

Oh and physically it's so sweet me forty, him 32, (wanna hear a secret?)

I sometimes name the really, prodigious comes after you, ha haaaa

Names all positive though,

See for so long and I know you did never know,

I halted giving you my joy,

You wouldn’t believe how long I done forgave you

Put simply, I just moved on.

You see the love I have now, is worth too much, just sacred no loose,

Leaves me high, never goes low, got me radiating that human love glow.

For he loves me like Jill Lyzel in E

He loves my toes, loves my damn my ears, nibbles my thighs, kisses away my tears.

He tickles me and cooks and never once makes me sigh,

Adores me elevates me even when I already a fly.

Loving my skin, loving my every whim, he kisses my lids, even my chin.

What I share with him “Milky” you may never understand

He/Love hand-picked me after dark so deep 21 years in quicksand

This is love, and you know,

Wish me good and just let it go.

On To You

After all, first impressions do last. What are your thoughts about how partners treat you initially? Please leave a comment.

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