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He’s Married, I’m Not his Wife, But We’re Expecting!

Carly and Chris had met at his wife’s baby shower and though they truly started their interactions on a professional level; Chris being a realtor and she being a flight attendant. Their professional relationship was relevant because she had no time to search for a place so she told Chris what she was looking for and Chris was hired to find her a place. Their vibe was chill at first but eventually they both realized there was only so much throbbing and aching that their body parts could take. They accepted that this was a very special attraction. The first years Carly did everything to fight and would break up with Chris an average of twice per year. This time was hard but Carly over the course of four years had gotten so used to seeing Chris after her some time week long trips around the world, he was her everything and she was his.

She wasn’t sure if he fit the category of BfF, lover or half- brother. After all, he cared for her dog religiously whenever she worked, ran errands for her mom while she was away, and lastly he had more money than any other man Carly had dated before and spoiled her lavishly. Chris knew he loved Carly too, she was soft spoken, a go getter in her own right but, not half as ambitious as his wife Katherine. Katherine had held down two jobs through college, had a baby while she was at it and still managed to graduate cum laude, she was an enigma in her own right. Katherine kept the bar high and would encourage Chris to return to school, open businesses, she was the real reason Chris was very successful. Chris knew he loved both women and slipped away every chance he got, his lies became routine and caused many a skirmish. Chris was not sure what he eventually wanted to do but he was sure he loved them both. Carly on the other hand different from Katherine but was no push over, she allowed Chris to be him, and they spent all her free time together, rarely did Chris sleep over but whenever he did, it was sheer bliss. Carly had missed her period two months now and was sure she had confirmation of pregnancy, after trying 6 pregnancy tests in two days. She was trying to decide if she should have this baby, after all her Grandma G used to say, “Child, all children are a blessing from God.” Add to the issues Carly’s husband, he was deployed overseas and they had maintained a distant relationship over the years.

Whether Carly has her baby, or not, here are the top things she must consider:

  1. Her baby may have to be a secret, for Chris may be very reluctant to tell his wife.

  2. If she keeps the baby, her marriage will more than likely end when her husband finds out.

  3. In most states, Chris will need to establish paternity in court in order to secure his paternal rights.

  4. She must prepare for her child may grow up and think negatively about the situation-her baby is technically a ‘side/bastard child’?

  5. Interactions with the wife-will she allow Chris’ wife to babysit the child?

  6. How is she going to tell Chris?

Do you think Carly should have this baby? What’s your thought about those cheat and make a baby together? Should they or shouldn’t they get back together? Please leave a comment.

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